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At the start of of the pandemic lockdown, it became apparent that many families in the local community were suffering financial difficulties and getting enough basic food each week was increasingly hard. To help alleviate this, Silver Coast Volunteers started weekly food collections in May at Senhor da Pedro Church in Obidos, joined by another team in Praia D’el Rey, Golf Resort.

Since then, everyones generous donations have enabled six local associations to support many families, including over 300 children. The local associations deeply appreciate everyones donations – everything given really does make a difference.

These donations are still desperately needed, especially as we go into winter, so after a short break, Silver Coast Volunteers are back collecting at Senhor da Pedra every Thursday between 10-4 and continue at (I don’t know the location) between 3-3.30pm. You can also bring smaller items to the Book Exchange during opening hours. Items needed include all dried goods like pasta and rice, oil, tinned vegetables, fish and sausages as well as biscuits, milk and yoghurts.

Items like nappies and formula are also in demand. If you can’t donate in person, you can make a financial donation into the SCV bank account. Please send a message to ask for the number, mark your payment food pantry and we will shop for you. We also need volunteers to help with the Thursday collections – just 2 hours of your time will help us continue this much needed work.


Over lockdown, you continued to collect bottle tops for Pedro Querido, so we had a hug haul to deliver to his family last month.

Silver Coast Volunteers have been supporting Pedro who has a rare form of hipotonia which causes severe muscle weakness and immobility.

SCV have been collecting bottle tops for 3 years. They are then delivered to Pedro’s family, who take them to be recycled.

1000 bottle tops gains 500 euros which goes towards Pedro’s physical and speech therapy, which costs 32,500 euros a year. Every top makes a difference so thank you for every one you save!



One of the aims of Silver Coast Volunteers is to enable ‘estrangeiros’ to become part of the local community here in Portugal. All of our activities are closely connected to Espacão O in Obidos, the local centre for community activities including campaigns, arts and cultural activities.Sadly, the Covid 19 pandemic had halted a lot of the wonderful activities organised by Espacão O. But not everything. Silver Coast Volunteers have been able to help with two campaigns in the last few months, organised to support the local community. The first was in June, when a group of willing volunteers helped deliver a special pack of hand gel and face mask to residents in the local area to ensure everyone could adhere to social distancing guidelines post lockdown.

September saw another request for help, this time delivering their ‘Paginas’ booklet containing useful information and planned projects. All activities followed social distancing guidelines to keep everyone safe and are a great opportunity to feel connection, cammaradarie and community – something many of us have missed in Covid times. Events like these often appear at short notice – if you’d like to join the next one, keep an eye on our Facebook page.

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