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Integration, Enjoyment, and Friendship for the benefit of all.


Silver Coast Volunteers was started in 2016 by a group of immigrants who wanted to help and be involved with their local communities. They formed a friendship with Obidos Council who gave them their current location to use as a headquarters, drop in Centre and a Book Exchange. Over time the one book shelf in one room has grown to three rooms full of books in four languages – English, Portuguese, French, and Dutch – DVD’s and puzzles. The Book Exchange is also used for various events, classes, and groups. The Book Exchange is manned 100% by our volunteers.

In October 4th, 2018, the Book Exchange became part of Óbidos Literary City, a UNESCO programme that connects many different cities around the world that use literature and creativity as tools for local development, a proud moment!! 

The Community Shop is managed by Espaco O but SCV volunteers also assist regularly.

SCV supports many charities and initiatives in the Obidos area by volunteering our members time, holding events to raise money, and food, clothing, hygiene products, and bottle top donations are collected at the Book Exchange. We have protocols (agreements) with:

  • Obidos Council
  • Espaco O
  • Banco Alimentar
  • Guias de São Lourenço
  • Associacao Tarefa Altruistas
  • Ordem do Trevo
  • Paróquia da Nossa Senhors Da Conceicao
  • Miserecordia
  • The thirteen Day Centers in and around Obidos
  • Pedro Queirdo

Our Mission Statement

Silver Coast Volunteers is an eclectic group of like minded people who have joined together to use their individual skill sets, experience, and time to be part of, and benefit, their communities. As well as running the Book Exchange, we provide support for the Community Shop, and local initiatives and festivals, which in turn supports the local communities.

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