Silver Coast Volunteers


Paulo Coimbra
Executive President of Silver Coast Volunteers

Dear Silver Coast Volunteers members.

Welcome to our First Monthly News Letter from SCV.

Firstly, a huge THANK YOU to TEAM SCV for their superb efforts over the last month. With the help of the TEAM SCV, which I greatly appreciate, and the whole Silver Coast Volunteers membership we can make the many improvements needed for our organisation. These improvements build on the base established over some 5 years  and we continue to grow and develop. THANK YOU! We are almost there!!

Starting with our first monthly newsletter, we TEAM SCV, will be working hard to make sure that ALL our volunteers are kept up to date about the activities and projects of Silver Coast Volunteers on a monthly basis.

We start with your Book exchange (BE). Team SCV has purchased new shelves. This is to allow the back room (storage) to accommodate more of your charitable donations and the many books we receive on a weekly basis. Please keep these donation coming and THANK YOU. 

Our first coffee morning! Well what can we say? It was a great success. Our SCV member Jacqueline Branco took the reins and delivered as only Jacqueline can! As you can see from our Facebook posts it was well attended.  Thank you for the donations received to help Families in Need, Bombeiros, Crapaa and bottle and corks tops for our friend Pedro.  The coffee morning was held at Infusion, Pinhal, Thank you to the   staff at Infusion, Thomas and his team. The good news is we will be having a coffee morning every month. Our next one will be on the 9th March and yes, once again at Infusion in Pinhal. 

With the help of the local Obidos Council, we were able to restart our Portuguese classes for our active members. The response has been amazing with our Monday classes now at 100% full and Tuesday classes are at 85 % of capacity. Hopefully, with the continued support of Obidos council, Team SCV will continue to bring you this amazing class.     

One of the most important activities of the Silver Coast Volunteers is of course your support with food donations. These donations are there to support Families in Need. The donations are then channelled through to registered charities in and around the Silver Coast. In our first month SCV has been actively supporting two charities – Ordem De Trevo and MVC – Associação MVC – Movimento Viver o Concelho.  With the help of these two great charities, we have been able to support families in need. 

With the help of the local farming community, SCV is involved with growing and picking fruit and vegetables where we can. Of the produce grown a percentage gets donated to SCV nominated charities. One of our great successes stories for the month of January was our Orange day collection. With the help of our volunteers we were able to collect and distribute over 1/2 ton of oranges. A great success indeed. If you are interested in having your own allotment of land to grow produce, please contact us for further details. 

As most of you all know by now, The NEW committee has been in place for about month. I have reorganised our members in the committee to maximise our committee strengths where they are needed AND this, in turn, I believe will make the SCV the best organisation on the Silver Coast. The committee is divided into three parts General Assembly, Executive Committee and the Fiscal Committee. 

Each month in our monthly SCV newsletter ONE of our committee group members will be invited to write about their role and explain what we do as a committee. This month I am pleased to have John Dowling, General Assembly President, explain his position. 

“I feel very honoured to have been asked to take up the position of President of the General Assembly for Silver Coast Volunteers, but what exactly does this mean to YOU our wonderful volunteers? 

Well, the General Assembly of Silver Coast Volunteers is in fact YOU!! YOU have the power to vote in new committee members, YOU can change the statutes, YOU can vote on whether to accept the activities organised by the executive committee, YOU can challenge the budget and where money is being spent. However, to do this you need to be kept informed of what is going on in the organisation, and that means better communications.

We will at last ( after covid caused so many cancellations) be able to organise more social functions to bring people together, to talk about what is being organised, but more importantly we can listen to what you have to say.  Silver Coast Volunteers currently has 400 registered members, and it is very important that ALL of YOU are made to feel part of the organisation.

I feel very proud to be part of this wonderful organisation and I hope that YOU will also feel able to take part in the many activities that we plan to organise to help the local community where we live. “

Finally, on behalf of the TEAM SCV, I would like to thank all our amazing volunteers who took part in January 2022 and continue to make the Silver Coast Volunteers such a great organisation.

Team SCV has many new events planned in the coming months, Quiz Night, Meet and Greet events, Coffee Mornings and more to follow.

I believe SCV is a great place to network, make connections and, most importantly, meet new friends. 

Team SCV hopes to see you all at our many events planned for this year,

Best Wishes, 

Paul Coimbra.

Executive President of Silver Coast Volunteers.



  1. I don’t believe that I am currently a member of Silver Coast Volunteers — could I be added to the group, please?

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